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The Art of Cooking: Secrets of the Perfect Biscuit

Learn how to make the juiciest and fluffiest sponge cake for your cake. Our professionals will reveal all the secrets of this important stage of confectionery art.

Cake for a Special Girl: Ideas and Design

Are you looking for the perfect cake for a child’s birthday party? Learn how to create a magical cake that will bring joy to your little princess.

Fashionable Cake Trends: Top Designs of the Season

Do you want to be on trend with your cake? Find out about the hottest designer cake trends of this season and choose the best for your celebration.

Vegan Cakes: Taste and Hea
lth in One

How to keep the taste and enjoyment in cakes while living a vegan lifestyle? Learn how to create delicious and healthy vegan cakes.

The History of Cheesecake: From the Netherlands to New York

Let’s travel back in time and explore the history of this favorite cheesecake that conquered the world.

Cake and Culture: How Cake Affects Holidays and Traditions

Exploring how cakes reflect the cultural characteristics and holiday traditions of different countries and peoples. When sweetness meets culture!

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